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Car Booting Tips
  • Arrive early. This way you will be able to get the pick of the items on offer and will be more likely to spot any bargains before they can be snapped up by someone else.
  • Take a torch in winter. You'll need it to see what's on offer in poor light.
  • Take plenty of cash, preferably in coins and small notes. You can't expect people at a boot sale to welcome cheques, nor to have unlimited amounts of change available. Keep your cash in a purse belt or something similar, not only for the sake of security, but also because this will leave your hands free to examine the goodies.
  • Be ready to sift. You have to be determined enough to sift through the heaps of uninteresting objects to find the tantalising but elusive treasures. You never know you may be lucky enough to find a treasure, like the lady who purchased rare early examples of Royal Doulton's Bunnykins series at a carboot sale and sold them on soon after for nearly £4,000.
  • Haggle. If you do see something which takes your fancy, ask its price, but feel free to haggle over it. Bear in mind that there are no fixed prices at a boot sale. The objects on offer are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.
  • Get items wrapped carefully. You don't want your carefully selected purchases being damaged on the way home.
  • Expect all weather conditions. Dress accordingly.


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